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[CIPS Event] February 21, 2017
Tue, 02/21/2017
Event Location: 
Delta Halifax (or Barrington)

Speaker: Crane Stookey

Held in: The Barrington Room

Price: $20 for non-members, $15 for members and Students

Leading Attitudinal Change - The Personal Approach

How to create a culture of individual responsibility that doesn't leave a mess at work

What allows some employees to feel content with inadequate or non-compliant work? Whether you’re a manager or a co-worker, how can you contribute to everyone taking proper personal responsibility for their work, so you don't have to clean up anyone's mess?

Even one programmer who isn't personally invested in their work can leave your team open to data breaches and other IT disasters, which effects everyone. You need everyone to take their work very personally.

In this uniquely experiential workshop you'll learn best practices of group interaction that help everyone take their work personally, so you can trust that everyone brings their personal best effort to every task.

Bio on Crane Stookey

Crane Stookey works with leaders to achieve two essential goals:

  • Better performance and deeper commitment for your people
  • Greater mastery of your own personal practice of leadership

Crane holds a Masters degree from Harvard University, and is the author of the executive leadership book Keep Your People in the Boat – Workforce Engagement Lessons From the Sea

Crane holds both US and Canadian citizenship, and is available to work internationally.

Crane knows the two sides of leadership. As a Tall Ship officer, Crane has lived and breathed the struggles of command and performance under pressure; leading crews of sailors in the life-threatening conditions of long voyages on sailing ships at sea.

Crane has also studied and taught meditation and mindfulness practices for 30 years.

This unique mix of experience makes Crane one of very few coaches and speakers able to bring together the hard-core skills of “outer leadership” and command under pressure, with the softer skills of “inner leadership” and personal mental performance.

His Generous Leadership approach is now practiced by hundreds of business and organizational leaders around the world.

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